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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

They didn't let the dog die because people have an aversion to seeing animals get killed. They don't have an aversion to seeing characters get killed - if they did, Rachel Dawes wouldn't have get killed. The rape got removed because Chris was completely against doing a rape scene. By your logic Rachel Dawes wouldn't have ever died and Gwen Stacy will never die in the new Spider-Man films and Harry would have lived in the old ones. The whole crush on Dave was to save time rather than introducing another character - this is classic suit thinking 101.

Exactly - more acceptable to a mainstream audience, mainstream audience don't want to see kids get killed, a dog's head over a man's body, and a sadistic rape scene. And haven't you ever heard of what controversy or a character's last hurrah does? "Oh my god dude, Hit Girl dies!" "What?!!! I've got to see this now!" Welcome to the business. There's a reason why they market - "someone's gonna die" * insert music here.

To me he clearly looked like a straight dude being kissed by his gay friend (and this isn't an LGBT knock, since I'm bi) but that's how it came off.

Actually dude, your posts are obnoxious and everyone can see that light as day. The only reason I brought up that I'm actually working in the industry while you're just a random nobody with a keyboard is because of the number of times you put "screenwriting and subtext." I figured you needed a knock down. And that clearly got to you. And it's still clearly getting to you, which I find rather sad. As said, many people on here know and some love me for it while others down-right hate me for it. And actually the smart people on here rather than acting obnoxious are coming to me because I've promised to use where I am to help them. I don't want to have anything to do with obnoxious people though. Good day.

Precisely, they showed Hit Girl liking him - they didn't show Dave having the hots for her. Anything can theoretically happen. The way everything is lined up now - it doesn't point to it being a likely scenario. It's something new they would need to establish in Dave. Could it be squeezed in? Anything can, literally. You could even have Todd as a villain in the third film. That doesn't mean they will.

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