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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

I never said Mindy doesn't like Dave, Mindy clearly does like Dave. What I said was there was no hints of Dave liking Mindy in a non-familial manner. And you still could have easily had him blush. As said there is a difference between "what was that?" and "where did that come from?" One is like a straight dude getting kissed by his gay friend, the other is like a guy who didn't think of a certain girl in that manner but might in time. It's a very subtle difference in presentation, but they each offer something different.

As said, literally anything can happen - you could even have one of his friends become a villain - but acting like it's definitively going to happen just because Hit Girl likes Dave and they want a hollywood happy ending? Is stretching it. Note: I'm not saying this is where you're coming from, I don't believe it is. Because what every single person can agree to is - if they have 'something,' they're going to need to have the third movie be about Dave going from a point of "huh you're my sister?" to "cool!" and it will need to be a thorough arc. It's not anything on the table right now. It's speculation.

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