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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Well read through mine. Now that I've seen the movie a second time, you pick up them laying seeds where Dave keeps saying "It's not like you'd ever date anyone!" and Mindy being jealous of "Night-Whore" and "You don't know a thing about me, Dave."

It's basic rom-com writing. She's interested, he's oblivious. The only reason they didn't get further than the "revelation" scene is because a) they want a sequel and b) it is still gross. If they get a third film, that is the direction this writing is going.
Precisely. The other poster just hates the idea of them being together so much that he's ignoring everything the movie shows us, as well as subtext. Reminds me of the folks who still deny the 11/Clara stuff in Doctor Who, and the people who were panicking when they heard that Bruce and Selina end up together at the end of TDKR.

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