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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by Phoenix_Flare View Post
One of the plots would be life after the "Xavier institute", w/Scott dealing w/how he'll fit into society, because what job will hiring him wearing shades, Beast will eventually leave to get involved in politics, the start of Jean and Scott's blossoming romance, and we' see the connection between Storm and Gambit, both being theives, orhpans, wanting a better life. We would see Scott/Gambit struggling to get along and leading the team which we'll see Storm step up a little bit and focus on Jean's growing power a hint to Phoenix.
I like it for the most part. I thought of a similar path. I'd have Havok still in there though. Want to see him and Scott brawl it out. Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Beast , Havok, Gambit and maybe add Dazzler in there to get some more X chicks and that's a pretty sick line up. Theres a very strong X-Men movie in there.

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