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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
They are setting up possible X-Force links. It's that simple. Plus most of the new mutants are plot devices for time travel and not major characters in the story it would appear.

I think this is Stewart and McKellan's last go around. The other OT actors have supporting roles and were on the set for a few weeks tops. Who doesn't need the exposure in Hollywood these days? Not like this project was beneath the likes of Anna and Halle. They need exposure and this is arguably the biggest film of the summer next year.

I'm 80% sure it's done after this. FC3 will be the stepping stone for the future.
If you're 80%. Then I'm 100% sure that we will see more from the OT cast.

You are underestimating their chance to return, a big part of the film's hype right now is because of them.

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Emma Frost wasnt coming back once January Jones had her little affair with Matthew Vaughn, that was clear from the start, also the likes of Azazel and Angel arent exactly fan favourites, they could be dumped with no consequences. I think any FC sequel wouldnt have had these characters personally.
You could say the same thing to Storm and Rogue. FOX brought back the whole gang except for Rebecca/Kelsey (though their younger version are in the movie) and James/Famke/Aaron (their characters died in X3). And what's your reason for them not to bring back Banshee?

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