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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
No... they have a goldmine if this does 8-900 million at the box office. Until a film in this franchise does those kinds of numbers, this is a fallacy. It very well could, in which case I'd expect both FC3 and X5.

TLS did not break even at the box office. You have to triple your budget WW to do that. TLS cost well north of 200 million and only netter 450ish, with only half of that coming domestically. That is not the numbers Fox was looking for and it basically snared the franchise for a while. That's why they had to start scaling things down with spinoffs.
The plans for spin-offs started even before X3 was released. Its not like they canceled a X-Men 4 movie in 2006/2007.
Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Thank you. Just because a producer said it doesn't make it 100% true. Plans change and this is a huge movie franchise; they're going to have to do what's best for it's longevity - not what some fanboys online want.
Yeah like dumping the OT cast for FC cast and pulling a Star Trek to the modern-day films.

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