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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

I really do like Caviezel and he would make a good mixture of Wayne and Batman, but if it was 2005 again, I'd say sure. If WB will still continues this crusade for an older Batman instead of a younger one then I'd say sure too, but I really want a 30 year-old Wayne, "Batman: Year One" adapted (yeah "Batman Begins" had glimpses of it but I want a full live-action adaptation or at the very least a mixture of it and "The Killing Joke" intersecting together for one impressive movie).

But the way things sound with Snyder having his eye on 'The Dark Knight Returns' as a blueprint for the 'Man of Steel' sequel... we might be getting a grizzled, in his prime Batman which Caviezel would indeed fit that bill.

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