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Default Re: Kick Ass 2 announcement coming soon - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
A dog's head getting cut off? Extreme. A rape scene? Extreme. Kids getting killed? Extreme. One of the characters dying is not an extreme. There's nothing overly violent about it. They kept to the key essence of the story. Things were removed due to NC-17 content, not because of the story.
Making Big Daddy die as a loser, a liar, and a child abuser was taken out.

Letting Hit-Girl get arrested was taken out.

Having Katie have Dave get his ass beat instead of dating him was cut out.

The movies have no qualm cutting out the very depressing, downbeat stuff. I sense with almost certainty that Millar will kill one of his two main characters off (or both) in his comic. With the same amount of certainty, I'm sure neither would die in a KA film. But we'll likely never know on the latter.

Originally Posted by Ultimatehero View Post
I never said Mindy doesn't like Dave, Mindy clearly does like Dave. What I said was there was no hints of Dave liking Mindy in a non-familial manner. And you still could have easily had him blush. As said there is a difference between "what was that?" and "where did that come from?" One is like a straight dude getting kissed by his gay friend, the other is like a guy who didn't think of a certain girl in that manner but might in time. It's a very subtle difference in presentation, but they each offer something different.

As said, literally anything can happen - you could even have one of his friends become a villain - but acting like it's definitively going to happen just because Hit Girl likes Dave and they want a hollywood happy ending? Is stretching it. Note: I'm not saying this is where you're coming from, I don't believe it is. Because what every single person can agree to is - if they have 'something,' they're going to need to have the third movie be about Dave going from a point of "huh you're my sister?" to "cool!" and it will need to be a thorough arc. It's not anything on the table right now. It's speculation.
In real life, you're right nothing would likely happen. But these movies are just as much about embracing the conventions as subverting them. For the same reason Dave gets a jetpack, kills Frank D'Amico and Hit-Girl rides off into the sun(rise) and kisses Dave, they will go for the more happy and genre/Hollywood/comic book/fairy tale ending. They may do it with a wink, a nudge, a smirk, but that is always teh way it happens in this series.

I think there are enough clues set up in the second one that fits the romcom rule of "She's into him, he doesn't even notice" that it could play out that way. I am not really rooting for it. It just feels like the way it is written.

But alas, we shall never know. At least, I doubt that we will in the future.

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