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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I think you answered your own question their, Hoult and Lawrence are bigger names now than Rebecca and Kelsey, plus in the future SOME X-Men have to be dead to show the threat of the sentinels, it wouldnt surprise me if we see a few of the OT cast die on screen in a battle with them either.

As far as Banshee, I am a little disappointed he isnt returning, as I liked the character in FC and the actor playing him. But there could be a number reasons not to bring him back, budget is one, maybe they couldnt afford another cast member? Maybe Caleb had a scheduling conflict, maybe he didnt want to come back, it could be anything, and we will probably never know.
Since the younger version of Mystique and Beast are already in the movie, their older version aren't really needed. And of course the younger version of those two should comeback to tie them to the Mystique/beast that appeared in the OT. And if there is a X-Men 4 movie that will just the feature the OT cast, I doubt they would bring back Rebecca/Kelsey. Mystique and Magneto are no longer together and Beast moved to D.C. to work for United Nations. If those two had a different ending in X3, we would probably see them back along with their younger version.

And if they could bring back Colossus, they could definitely bring back Banshee and the actor that played him.

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Rebecca also has a new series on the go doesnt she? Maybe the filming conflicted with that, not to mention she got to cameo in FC. And she was never a big fan of the make-up process either, maybe she didnt want to return, same with Kelsey who isnt getting any younger, if you remember Alan Cumming didnt want to come back as NC because of the make-up process, which is still a damn shame as his NC was perfect.
All wrong. They removed Nightcrawler from X3's script because he doesn't have much role in the film. I doubt Rebecca Romijn/Kelsey Grammar would turn down the offer to return. Kelsey Grammar attended Origins' premiere night and Rebecca Romijn had a cameo in First Class. And there's no report that those two were asked to appear in DOFP.

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