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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

^ But my point is that the continuity had to have changed. Something changed the past to get Trask to spend so much time developing anti-mutant technology. And something changed to get the government to want to fund Trask and his technology. So this would be a whole new world, right? A world (timeline) where anything could be different.

Think about it this way...

Back in, let's say, 1963, Magneto is contacted by someone in the future and is informed that the future will be bad for mutants. He decides to take over. He kills Kennedy (not saying this will be the story, just an idea of an event that woud change the timeline)...

He controls the magic bullet that kills the President, but Trask sees the awesome power of Magneto and is so frightened of the possibilities he starts to develop anti-mutant tech.

This timeline is now different than the one we've come to know...

The sentinals are developed and released in 1973. Now all mutants are on the run, captured, or killed. This changes everything. It changes when characters might do things, what things characters might do, etc. All events from that moment on could be totally different.

Now, does the timeline change around those who have already lived through it (the one timeline theory)? Does the existing timeline just cease to exist and another replaces it? Or does the normal timeline go on as normal and a new timeline branches off from that moment?

Who knows which way they will go...

But the point is that the moment things change, everything else could change, including when (and if) Wolverine gets his adamantium. In many ways everything we've been shown in X-men, X2, X3, Origins and even The Wolverine; could possibly all be discounted because once Wolvie goes back (his mind) it's a whole new timeline and nothing that we have been shown has yet happened (except First Class).

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