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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
First, to Sf2, again sincere apologies for the rant in the "Little things" thread.

Can't see BM v SM being MOS 2. Again, Thor and Captain America only got
one film before Avengers (yes, there's a huge hole in my logic, that the "new" Batman won't get a film before BM v SM, unless of course it's Bale or a version of the Nolan Batman, although there's a rumour Warner Bros is offering him the GDP of some small countries to play Bats again - wow I hope Ryan
Gosling doesn't get the part, he'd just look like Henry Cavill's younger sister
in a Batman costume).

Anyway, my original point (not that I really had one) was BM v SM won't be an MOS 2. An MOS 2 film has to focus on Supes, a team-up with Batman would have to split time too much between the two characters, in order
to be a proper sequel. By thinking of it like that, I've kind of dealt to my
fears that after 3 superb Dark Knight films, and the amazing MOS, that DC
will **** it up and BM v SM will turn out like.....Batman and Robin. for now

The other big difficulty (besides having the two greatest super-heroes
share the screen, and balancing that effectively) with that is that it requires a villain who would work for both Batman and Superman (probably not Braniac then, but maybe Luthor, although I hope not, because Luthor is such a big character that he and Supes need a movie to themselves
- on that note, who votes Cranston ? who votes Strong ? ).

Your guess is as good as mine ! Strangely, I think Darkseid might work...
but I'm not sure how.

As part of that , there seems to be a problem with the scale of the
action with BM v SM. It just might not live up to the epic scale of
MOS. I can see Snyder re-creating the smackdown from Miller's DKR, but
that just won't match the epic Supes v Zod fight from MOS.

As for Lois, maybe she solves the "Who is Batman mystery ?" Could see
her work in a movie with BM and SM, but it's the villians who are the
problem,..... well let's hope not (or at least that they're more Joker than Bane). Peace.
Good points.

No way do I see this as an MOS sequel. It's a team-up film and the best we can hope for is that Supes get half the time. Remember this is meant to launch a new Batman actor so there is going to have to be a lot of focus there.

That focus means the Lois and Clark relationship which was barely touched on in MOS will get crimped for screen-time. Plus development of Superman's character from where it was left off in MOS may get short changed.

The problem for the MOS franchise is that by the timcharacters in films you really can't back to an MOS2 for 6 or more years. MOS forgotten by then. WB would basically have to reboot.

I see this as WB sacrificing the MOS franchise to get to JL. Its not just Avengers but look at the huge boost IronMan 3 got. You gotta know WB is going to be looking closely at Thor2. That film looks incredible and if it is and if Avengers does similar things for it as it did for IM3, 800 million WW may be doable for Thor.

If Thor blows away the BO then I expect WB will redouble efforts to get JL out ASAP. Maybe 2 years after WF. Three at most.

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