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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

I have to go based on my first impressions so my pick may change after multiple viewings especially since there wasn't a blowaway winner. But for right now, I have to say I liked The Wolverine just a little bit more than Iron Man 3. Mainly because I felt the action in Wolverine was more inventive (especially the bullet train sequence), the setting was more exotic (Japan vs. Tennessee), and I thought Iron Man 3 dragged a lot at the beginning, taking too long for the plot to really get going. But emotionally it just connected with me more, especially with regards to the way they dealt with their respective PTSDs. In The Wolverine, it is a very real problem that consumes Logan and the bulk of the film and his relationship with Mariko is built around him overcoming it. In Iron Man 3, it is more of an afterthought really only affecting Stark when the plot required it to and resolved far too easily. The plot of Iron Man 3 was interesting and the villains and third act were better, but I cared more about the characters in The Wolverine.

Kick-Ass 2 and Man of Steel weren't awful, but they were tremendously disappointing and not at the level of the other two.


1) The Wolverine 7/10
2) Iron Man 3 7/10
3) Man of Steel 6/10
4) Kick-Ass 2 6/10

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