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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by ConnorKon-El View Post
Lol at the people who aren't considering this a Superman film.
It's the next chapter in this Superman saga, it's just that Batman will be in it.
Lol yourself!

It'll be a Superman story in the sense that it will still be set in Metropolis, Lois will still the leading female role, Lex will be in the background controlling the activities of the villain/villains etc.

But i'd bet good money the plot and character arcs will revolve around the dynamic between the TWO of them.

Thinking it will be a Superman film with a plot that revolves around a Superman centric character arc, and Batman will just have a feature role... That's worthy of an LOL IMO.

Especially since it will have been 3 years since their last Batman film, he is the only DC property that has made them really big bucks, and they have nothing else 'in the bag' right now.

All the other characters they could play with from here on are a gamble. Batman is their only sure thing. They are not going to give Batman a bit part in any movie.

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