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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread - Part 1

Been a fan of the show since i was 11 when it first aired and i remembered 22 years ago i was excited when i heard the news from Comicscene and Starlog (Remember those?) about this show as i knew one day since 1989 that there would be an animated show based on Batman. I remembered the pilot episode "On Leather Wings" when it first aired 21 years ago in late August on prime time and didn't disappoint, i would watch/tape the animated show religiously all the time. Even my big brother dug the show as he is a DC fan and would watch it with me sometimes and sometimes my mom and dad would, we dug this show.

I have 35 fave episodes and i'll observe each episode gif to see which one is one of my faves and with my statements on each episode.

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Continuing with my BTAS/TNBA gifs, Episode: Beware the Gray Ghost

Batman: "The Grey Ghost was my hero."
Simon Trent: "So wasn't all for nothing."
My fave episode ever! me and my big brother dug this episode as we knew it was Adam West who was Simon Trent/Grey Ghost's voice as i grew up with reruns of the 60's show 24 years ago and on Nick at night. Who knew the villain was a major geek who resembled Bruce Timm and did anyone else think Grey Ghost looked like a cross between The Shadow and a human version of Darkwing Duck? i always thought so on Darkwing Duck but didn't knew of Shadow until i saw the 94 movie.

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Continuing with my BTAS/TNBA gifs, Episode: The Cat and the Claw, Part 1

Nice intro and first episode as i consider this episode to be 1 since it's a 2 parter. Did anyone else had a crush on Catwoman here? i always had a crush on her since i read the comics and watched reruns of the 60's show when i was 8 and i thought she looked hot as hell in this show. I also had a crush on Ivy, Harley Quinn and Zantanna, boy i tell you Bruce Timm knows how to make hot toon chicks , hell i even had dirty fantasies about those chicks during my adolescence, LOL. Adrienne Barbeau was perfection playing the voice of the comic book girl of my dreams and Selina looked good blonde in the first 3 seasons yet she also looked great as a brunette. But when i saw this episode, did anyone thought of Michelle Pfeifer when they saw Selina? i did as i was like "Whoa she looks like Michelle Pfeifer' plus Selina had a great body and nice knockers with patootie, LOL.

Did RedClaw reminded anyone of Baroness from GI Joe?

Originally Posted by Kane52630 View Post
Continuing with my BTAS/TNBA gifs, Episode: On Leather Wings

My 6th fave episode! this was a great pilot that introduced us to Batman as a sneak preview at prime time and what great animation from TMS this had including that kickass transformation from Kirk to Man-Bat.

Did Kirk Langstorm looked like Kevin Costner to anyone? i always thought of that. And who knew that Beastmaster was his voice and that's cool.

And did anyone noticed that Bullock was voiced by the same short guy from Total Recall and Die Hard 2? his character is almost like the same on Die Hard 2 as he that parking ticket guy.

Man-Bat is one of the coolest monsters in DC's universe and i think he should be a Swamp Thing baddie.

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