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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Yep. I LIKED all of them, but none of them as much as I had hoped to...with the exception of Kick-Ass 2. That one exceeded my expectations, but only because my expectations there were pretty damn low.
Strangely, while Kick-Ass 2 is the most poor in terms of craftsmanship, direction, arguably writing (IM3 and The Wolverine's scripts were fairly weak too)...I did have the best time watching it. I laughed throughout. But I do think IM3 and MOS are just better made films without scenes that are just cringe-inducing as for Superman leveling Metropolis and all the 9/11 imagery there. I think Snyder really is oblivious in some ways to what audiences want.

Anyway, it is a curious and perplexing thing, in my opinion.

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