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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Strangely, while Kick-Ass 2 is the most poor in terms of craftsmanship, direction, arguably writing (IM3 and The Wolverine's scripts were fairly weak too)...I did have the best time watching it. I laughed throughout. But I do think IM3 and MOS are just better made films without scenes that are just cringe-inducing as for Superman leveling Metropolis and all the 9/11 imagery there. I think Snyder really is oblivious in some ways to what audiences want.

Anyway, it is a curious and perplexing thing, in my opinion.
I have a similar feeling. In terms of pure craftsmanship, IM3 trumps KA2 easily, imo. But I simply enjoyed KA2 more. And yet MoS is the one that got my vote, because I think it's somewhere in between the two, both in terms of craftsmanship AND the enjoyment factor, so it ended up being the most satisfying overall experience for me. Well that, and the added joy of finally seeing a solid Non-Donnerverse take on Superman, something I'd always wanted to see.

So lots of conflicting thoughts on all of them for me, but the one constant that they all share is the nagging thought of wasted potential that clouds them all to to varying degrees for me.

KA2 is the only one that I felt had even more potential to be worse than it did to be better (considering Wadlow's past work and the abysmal comic it's based on), so that's how it ended up being the only one to exceed my expectations, lol. Just a weird summer for blockbusters all around, really.


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