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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Hordakfan View Post
This is the movie that made me a Batman fan, before that i was more into Superman and Swamp Thing but this movie made me a fan as i recalled when i saw Scrooged in theaters and the teaser appeared i was stunned as i couldn't wait.

I saw this movie 6 times in theaters when i was 8 and i had nearly all the merchandise from cards, t-shirts, toys, game (i got that for Xmas that year), Taco Bell cups, CD soundtracks with both Prince/Elfman (i still own them), coloring books, novel, comic adaptation and more. I watched/taped reruns of the 60s show during the same time and i collected the comics even to Catwoman and Robin. I also ate the cereal (remember that?) as i had the bank as well and even got the movie on video for Xmas in my stocking.

Did it made anyone a fan too and also saw this in theaters?
I was a Batman fan 10 years before the movie and grew up with Adam West's TV series, but this movie took me into a new level of fanaticism. I simply cannot recall how many times I saw this in the theater, too many to count.

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