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Default Re: Do you think Batman will hamper MOS2?

Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
Good points.

No way do I see this as an MOS sequel. It's a team-up film and the best we can hope for is that Supes get half the time. Remember this is meant to launch a new Batman actor so there is going to have to be a lot of focus there.

That focus means the Lois and Clark relationship which was barely touched on in MOS will get crimped for screen-time. Plus development of Superman's character from where it was left off in MOS may get short changed.

The problem for the MOS franchise is that by the timcharacters in films you really can't back to an MOS2 for 6 or more years. MOS forgotten by then. WB would basically have to reboot.

I see this as WB sacrificing the MOS franchise to get to JL. Its not just Avengers but look at the huge boost IronMan 3 got. You gotta know WB is going to be looking closely at Thor2. That film looks incredible and if it is and if Avengers does similar things for it as it did for IM3, 800 million WW may be doable for Thor.

If Thor blows away the BO then I expect WB will redouble efforts to get JL out ASAP. Maybe 2 years after WF. Three at most.

That's a good analysis. It does seem to be about the money. Kind of sad really, as I agree we really do need at least 1 more MOS film to further develop his character, before introducing Batman (who probably needs a film to himself) Mind you, I had no expectations going into MOS and was amazingly pleased with the result, loved it. So, I'm not ruling out the possibility of it being great (reckon they need to get Jonathan Nolan in on the script ).

I'm not so sure that MOS 2 would be as difficult as you might think after a BM v SM film, there was a 5 year lag between Dark Knight and DKR. So maybe 2 -3 years would work.

As far as JL films go, the question in the back of my mind is how the other JL characters will be introduced. Heard rumours that the JL film comes first, and then the individual films......not sure if that approach will work.

Here's a thought. Snyder also did Watchmen, a multi-character superhero
(well, really anti-superhero ) film, which establishes characters as it goes along, and did a damn good job IMO (although that was by sticking to
Moore's source material, which is the greatest graphic novel, Ever !).
With MOS already established, and maybe as the main character, the other
JL members could be supporting roles.

I have a lot of faith in Nolan's understanding of the source material, and of fan expectation. His films deliver, and MOS is Snyder's best film, so trend wise, things look up.

Be interesting to see how Thor 2 turns out - I remember the source material when it came out in the 80's, not sure if I like the look for Malekith the Accursed, although Christopher Eccelston is legendary for his portrayal of bad guys ! It looks good from the trailers, but I've been fooled that way before.
The key to Thor's success is having a lead who looks the part and can act a bit, and a terrific villain (****, Loki steals the show, he's so good they've used him in every film Thor shows up in). IF the castings for BM v SM are done correctly ( if it's Wes Bentley he's going to have to hit the gym, HARD ! I'm still pulling for Gerard Butler) anyway, if they cast it right, it could be great.

On that note, Iron Man 1 is IMO one of the best superhero movies ever, Iron man 2 was vastly inferior - yet same cast and director (Same with Pirates of the Carribbean 3, garbage). So there is a degree of hit and miss, but I'm quite hopeful for BM v SM and subsequent MOS films.


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