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Default Re: Post iconic/memorable scenes you would like to see adapted for Batman vs. Superma

Originally Posted by The Sage View Post

First thing, big ups to you for the source material, great selection.

I notice you've left out the, the Smackdown from Millers DKR.

I agree that it has to appear onscreen some day, but
not in a film where SM and BM first meet. The reason that scene
had so much power, back in '87, and even today, is that the two characters
are divided by decades of philosophical difference that turns friendship to
enmity - and that's why it should be saved for a later film, after BM and SM
have known each other for a while.
Two guys meeting for the first time, disagreeing and then fighting just doesn't
carry the same weight.

In the John Byrne BM/SM team up, their first meeting isn't friendly at all,
and BM asserts that if SM touches him, an innocent life will be lost (of course
the life is BM's, we find out later). Anyway, that re-set the tone for their

If kryptonite does appear in BM v SM,(particularly Luthor's ring) a key screen moment would be SM giving it to BM to look after (good way to end the movie).

Anyway, the success of super-hero films comes from sticking to strong source material. Nolan knows this. So hopefully we'll see some of these moments onscreen.....just not sure about the smackdown, not yet anyway.


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