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Default Re: What kind of score do you want for the sequel?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
With you on that, big time. Zimmer is so versatile, he is the John Williams of today. (did you know he did the music for Kung Fu Panda and the Lion King, which is why I think there was a little Lion King vibe in the birth scene).
Yeah Zimmer is at times versatile. I wouldn't know it from listening to his scores for TDKT or MOS, imo. And he's not even in the same ballpark as Williams. So enough of the comparisons. Nobody, imo, is the next John Williams. NOBODY!!!

I thought MOS was a much better overall score than DKR, less bombastic
and a lot more "soft" gentle movements to even out the emotional scheme of the film.
Both scores are on the same level of mediocrity, imo. TDKR is the weakest Batman score I ever heard, imo. He was the wrong guy for MOS. Should've hired Powell or somebody more capable and inspired. Someone who doesn't confuse droning, drum banging, and noise as actual music.

In terms of its completeness, check out the "What are you going to do when you're not saving the world ?" track , which is the end title music.

It starts of softly, with the "family" theme, just the piano, and then the drums come in (I thought in particular the drums were so well used, to set the tempo of the film) and finally it builds to a really epic blast. It pretty much covers the feeling of the whole film. How people could come out and say that they didn't feel hopeful ? I don't know maybe they saw "The conjuring" by
mistake, and just thought they'd seen MOS. LOL
It's hard to feel hopeful in a movie where the superhero that's suppose to represent altruism is causing as much damage and harm to Smallville and Metropolis as the villains were. If Superman wants to inspire hope and earn the world's trust he failed miserably. I didn't feel any hope in Zimmers score either. If I heard the score on album I'd probably feel a swelling headache instead of hope. IDK how his score was suppose to represent "honest folk" or "America". LOL

I would be bold enough to say that the MOS score is a notch up even from
the Dark Knight score, which was an epic masterpiece, just a little too OTT.
TDK score wasn't a masterpiece by any means. And I disagree about MOS being a better score. At least TDK had JNH, which was the best thing about the first two TDK scores, imho.

Although I think the Harvey Dent theme was a brilliant element, and that track that plays when Harvey holds Gordon's family hostage - Zimmer gets
the mood just right, you are horrified, but feel pity for Dent. I thought Zimmer's Zod theme was great, a little shade of the Imperial March,
had a nice epic feel (like when Jor-El escapes from the council chamber and sees that civil war has exploded on Krypton).

Speaking of JNH he was the one responsible for both those tracks you thought were "brilliant" ("Harvey Two-Face" and "Watch The World Burn") and not Zimmer.

While I was a huge fan of Williams original Superman march, it would have
seemed out of place in MOS. Zimmer got it exactly right.
While it might've been out of place for MOS it was still a heck of a lot better than what the "king of loud noise" came up with. I get the feeling of "truth, justice, and the American way" when hearing Williams' Superman march. In fact the BS Zimmer was saying about his score representing "honest american good folk" or whatever can be applied more to Williams score. Zimmer's MOS score was just TDK lite.

If Zimmer's going to score BM v SM, which makes sense for continuity's sake,
they should reuse elements of the BB/DK score, with new elements for any new characters (which he's shown he can do). No, Zimmer's the only man
for the job.
Zimmer wil definitely be scoring MOS2. I mean BMVSSM, whether I like it or not. For contnuity's sake and b/c Snyder and co. loved what he did with MOS. Didn't Snyder say something like "Zimmer crushed it" with MOS? He hasn't any idea how much Zimmer crushed the MOS score. LOL!

Having said that, the only other worthy movie film composers, who can actually make you a bit emotional with their scores......Michael Giacchino
and Howard Shore. Otherwise, it's gotta be Zimmer all the way.
You mean make "you". I believe (for me) there's a few other composers who can make me emotional with their scores, but I agree about you on all three composers even Zimmer. Eventhough I didn't find anything emotional about his MOS score. The first two scores for TDKT were somewhat emotional, imo, b/c of JNH. He was the heart of those scores imo. That's why I felt Zimmer's TDKR score was lacking a lot. I found other Zimmer scores more emotional like for example, Black Rain, Gladiator, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels & Demons.

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