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Default Re: Official (adjectiveless) X-MEN Discussion Thread

Please explain if possible. The last time I regularly read Psylocke was when she came back from the dead. She was about after that I think but feel she got side lined around the move to SF anyway I remember the whole your TK can move mountains where Rachel's was refined sorry getting to my point. I know her powers have been messed about with but could someone explain the crossbow. Was that TK or Telepathy because I thought the dagger thing that pops out of her hand was Telepathy it scrambled your brain. But I was mixed up this issue it appears the crossbow was being produced by her TK is this the case. She did say to Rogue to leave the Telepathy but why I thought this was her telepathy/dagger thing was the bow she had in the first issue I saw it as her ability to manipulate this energy into other shapes, she was essentially aiming a telepathic arrow at Sublime which would attack his mind. Or is dagger a mixture of both her abilities now?

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