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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

Finally saw Kick-Ass 2 which I really enjoyed despite having some problems, all of the CBM movies this year seemed to have one fatal flaw which stopped them being great instead of good or really good, it has been a strange year, but anyway, here is my rating:

1) Man Of Steel -9/10- It had some problems, but it was great to see a new iteration of Superman on the big screen and most of it worked for me. The action was great but I would have preferred Superman addressing the losses in Metropolis, though that have said they will address it in the sequel.
2) The Wolverine-8/10-I always had faith this would be good as Mangold is a good director, i was just worried about the Fox factor, despite them putting out better movies over the last few years. The movie was great, but was brought down by a really bad last act that was totally unsatisfying, it didnt wreck the whole movie, but it brings it down a few notches.
3) Iron Man 3-8/10- A strange movie, both times I watched it I enjoyed it, but then afterwards when I would think about it I would find I didnt like a lot of the movie, I think out of all of them this will have the worst re-watch value.
4) Kick-Ass 2-7.5/10-Now, my rating for this may go up when I see it again, which I will be at the cinema, this was really surprising, I was expecting something bad but got a great follow up that doesnt match the 1st movie but progresses the story really well.

2018 movie ratings out of 10:

1) Black Panther-9(2)The Shape of Water-8.5(3)Tomb Raider-7
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