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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Bruce Wayne/Batman.

well...i trust zack snyder and david goyer.

ben must have impressed them in his audtion. David, Zack, WB, and the casting people must see something in him that we don't.

he needs to get into great physical shape and train in martial arts.

physically he is not right for the part but if he trains real hard he can get there like he did in daredevil. because truthfully i don't see him as bruce wayne at all. he could pull it off because bruce wayne is a complicated - complex character.

there's the detective side, the billionare playboy side, the dark and brooding side, - and then there is batman in his mask and cowl kicking ass. can ben show all that? we will see.

how will he make his bruce wayne/batman different from all those that came before him.

even val kilmer in view looking back was a very good batman/bruce wayne - it's just that the film around him sucked. val showed the many shades of bruce - the playboy side, the billionare industrialist side, the dark angry confused side, and he was a good batman too.

And i think they need to create a convincing bruce wayne look for affleck.

i don't like the casting but i also see how it might work too. we will see how it works.

i was hoping they would choose scott adkins. because he is physically right for the part and has the look and the acting ability and would stick around for alot more movies.

oh well. we must wait and see. it could work.

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