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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by dark_b View Post
it wil lbe very easy for Affleck. he has very low body fat % on his body. so he can dirty bulk for 3-4 months. if he had small amount of muscles and some body fat it would be very hard.

very simple. he can be as big as he wants to be. if he will be small and cut than this is what the studio and Affleck agreed.

i think its stupid to have 8% body fat because its not healthy for a warrior. Batman would be on a high carb and fat diet to get as much energy as possible. having a low metabolism is not pracitcal and would hurt batman.
Affleck is naturally already an ideal size to play Batman and he has more than enough time with Hollywood trainers to gain a few more pounds of muscle, I think he will have the perfect physique for Bats.

Your totally right as far as what bodyfat % he would be at, for Batman's size he would be eating a very high carbohydrate diet just like any other athlete, he would not be as ripped and cut as he is drawn in most comics.

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