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Default Re: Best Comic Book movie of the summer?

Iron Man 3 was the best in my opinion. Just an all-round fun film, with a lot of heart and spectacle. I'd need to see it again to verify, but it might be my favourite Iron Man film as well (as the first had a weak third act).

Not too far behind I'd say The Wolverine. Pacing is a little off, and it loses its mind toward the end, but not enough to harm the overall film too much. I saw this 4 times in the cinema, it's a great little character study and Jackman gives his best performance in the role so far. Looking forward to the extended cut. That might even push this up to the top of the list.

Third, Kick Ass 2. I genuinely don't understand the pounding it took from critics. Despite the director change, this felt very consistent with what came before and added a lot to the universe. It's an uglier story, but that is exactly what it needed to be when it added the super-villains to this "real world" comic book fantasy. A lot of fun moments and horrifying ones, just like the first film. It's not as refined as Vaughn's take but there's a lot to like here.

Lastly is Man Of Steel. Ugh. Overblown and tedious, the film felt like someone very stupid was trying to make a Nolan film (and I wonder why). Caville was great but he couldn't save it.

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