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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Originally Posted by bhayes View Post

If you want my opinion. Ben needs to start gym training IMMEDIATELY.
like. RIGHT NOW.

He needs to be working with stunt team trainers and fight choregraphers like. RIGHT NOW. to get his physical ability up.

He needs to atleast be able to convince the audience that he is a force to be wreckoned with as bruce wayne.

i mean even when we see the Animated Batman from Justice League cartoon. we seeing who batman/bruce wayne is

Ben is not the embodiment of all that we have seen before and more.

I was keeping my fingers crossed for scott adkins. that's a choice that makes sense.

physically - in his form. He is not ready to play batman. but with hardwork he can get there.

i also feel like....Ben needs to sit infront of a voice recorder and work in his batman voice and how will he approach bruce wayne.

ALSO the makeup and hairstylist people have their work cutout for them. they do.

i say they need work on ben's looks for next few months. and in feburary

do some creative costumes.

remember how they would display the Jor-El costumes at liscensing shows?

they need to do something like that to show the new batman costume

Show the public - why we are wrong about ben being batman. i'm scarred but we'll see.

Until i see some cool movie stills and costumes that convice me otherwise.I'm not excited to see this.

they need to do photoshoots that show that ben in bruce wayne attire.

because now...i just don't see him as batman. i'm alittle worried but the right people are in charge so. we'll see.

He has.

A report came out that Ben has already started training and is on a 2 hours a day schedule.

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