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Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Besides Bats and Supes, DC aint looking so good man. Regardless they don't need to compete, they need to make use of what they own. Because money is to be made as well as new franchises. The more well known these characters get with good movies, the better the future will hold for Fox's properties. Are you trying to say Fox shouldn't make movies that already have a pre existing fan base? Cause they own alot. They can make:

Fantastic Four
Silver Silver
New Mutants
First Class

That's 9 potential flicks and sequels that Fox can make money off of, all being relatively well known comic properties must studios would kill for. F4 and SS can meld into each other and lead into a huge sequel with Galactus. And X-Men are one of Fox's top grossers that have a world as large as the MCU. They may not build to a team movie like the MCU does, but they can have big crossovers like DOFP and AOA. They know by watching The MCU take off that an expanded universe works and doesn't go over an audiences head. So why the hell not make use of their characters? Siting on them will no good.
A FOX/Marvel Universe cannot compete with the MCU in terms of film variety or box office grosses, but they could put together a string of successful X movies spinning off of DOFP. The studio should extract as much in terms on concessions from Disney/Marvel as they can for the FF rights. I can't see FOX putting together a successful reboot of that film, the Surfer isn't viable as a stand alone, and the fact that Millar takes it back whenever he mentions a FF/X-Men crossover leads me to think that it isn't possible under the existing contracts. FOX should then focus on a few key properties that appeal to a variety of audiences and develop a star attraction that's not Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. I could see the following working going forward:

New Mutants - Younger skewing teen cast (PG ?) with Jackman, Grammer or Berry as headmaster. Set in present day.

X-Men - Continuation of 70s timeline from DOFP.

X-Force - Hard PG-13 or R set in present day. Reintroduce Deadpool and try to develop the character as a potential headliner.

Excalibur - Fantasy Adventure in present day starring Ellen Page's Kitty Pride (and Lockheed!)

Put out an X film annually, with Excalibur taking over after the First Class cast's third film. Try to develop another solo star. Rinse and repeat.

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