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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

IMO, they should focus making X-Men/Fantastic Four films and sequels to it, like in the past. They could include SilverSurfer/Galactus in a FF film and make it work. They could include New Mutants, X-Force, Gambit, Deadpool in a X-Men film and make it work. And for fan-serving or just to give more detail to the characters, they could do a twenty-minute film just featuring Gambit or Silver Surfer, and include it in the Blu-ray release of their latest film.

Business-wise, I don't think its necessary to venture into releasing films just featuring Deadpool or Silver Surfer or Gambit. Especially most spin-off films earn less at the box-office than the main series. Unless FOX is willing to spend $50 million per film and do all the promotions and all the process when it comes to releasing/making a film. Marvel Comics were able to release dozens of spin-off comic-books because releasing a comic-book isn't as expensive as making films. But look at their film department, they aren't even planning to release a 3rd movie for Hulk or a spin-off movie to the characters like Loki, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and War Machine.

And just because X-Men's universe is as big as DC/Marvel universe, it doesn't mean they should go ahead releasing a lot of films. The thing with releasing a X-Factor movie, a Deadpool movie, X-Force movie is they will be seen as another X-Men spin-off and I'm pretty sure, FOX will make it very clear to the GA, that these spin-offs are part of the entire X-Men film franchise, when the GA see the trailer and watch the movie and of course FOX would be hoping the brand X-Men will help these spin-offs to sell more but in reality, the spin-offs are just oversaturating the X-Men franchise.

With DC/Marvel, they have a lot of properties that can be seen as their own thing, that even if a green lantern movie is so bad, it wouldn't hurt the films of Superman/Batman. Watchmen/V for Vendetta are DC films but not a lot of people know that. Even if the 2nd Hulk film didn't earn much at the box-office, Iron Man 2/Thor/Captain America still did well. With X-Men, the performance of a X-Force film, a Deadpool film will probably be a factor to the success of future X-Men films.

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