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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I'm afraid that with using that model/plan, it will just oversaturate the series especially releasing a X-Men movie every year.

In my opinion, FOX should just release sequels to the main series especially we already got an eight-year break from them and we already got 3 spin-off films. No need to introduce a new set of cast/characters to the general audience for the 4th time/5th time/6th time.
The problem is that the current model used by FOX isn't working anywhere near as well in terms of box office as it did early on. DOFP may goose FOX's X Series, but is not viable long term unless they give the audience something new. The MCU has a chance for decades of success due to Feige and company's willingness to green light films, such as GOTG and Ant Man. FOX can't keep drawing from the same well, and it appears as though Wadlow's X Force is an attempt to branch out from Magneto and the US government as the core protagonists.

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