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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
The problem is that the current model used by FOX isn't working anywhere near as well in terms of box office as it did early on. DOFP may goose FOX's X Series, but is not viable long term unless they give the audience something new.
The "current model" of FOX isn't working that great right now because the latest three films are all spin-offs to the original trilogy. Two are prequels and 1 was set after X3. X-Men were doing well when they were just releasing sequels to the 1st X-Men movie and you can look at the box-office records for evidence.

And releasing a direct sequel to DOFP (featuring the majority of the cast of DOFP) is what I believe the best move. I don't think the ga are really that desperate or clinging for really "something new". With just including new characters and going to new locations, FOX will already be giving the audience that "something new". They did that in X2/X3. Plus that something new doesn't have to be X-Force, New Mutants. Those things will be harder to sell. And FYI, FOX moved forward with releasing spin-offs over X-Men 4, to do 'something new' and that something new led to the franchise's box-office decline in the United States.

You are forgetting GA also wants familiarity. People will keep come back watching another X-Men movie IF they are already invested with the characters and if they want to see more of them. Plus with the 8-year break that we got from OT, the GA won't be tired seeing another film with them, like right away. Splitting the OT characters into their own franchises/series is not a good idea.

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