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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

First of all I am a fan girl. And you need a better comeback then trying to insult me and generalize me. There were many villains done well on Smallville Lex Luthor being just one of them. Darkseid and Doomsday were the worst portrayed on the show; it was worst for Darkseid because atleast Doomsday was good until the S8 finale. They did not have the budget or time to do Darkseid well and should never have touched him or his minions.
For Doomsday the action was built up, the writers made it seem like something epic was going to happen and then didn't deliver.
For Darkseid I don't want action this version of Clark is so weak he'd get killed in seconds; what I wanted was an actual good villain and story; surprisingly the VRA story was done better despite the shows anti govt bull crap.

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