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Default Re: Which Female Character do u think will get the most Epic #ActionMoment?

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
I voted for Storm, but I really hope Rogue actually gets to do something worthwhile for once. I don't consider her briefly flying the Blackbird anything special.
In itself no, but it was a character progression that Singer seemed to be developing (before TLS ruined it!)

Originally Posted by Steyin View Post
The only way Rogue has some decent action is if she has her strength and flight, and I don't see that happening.
Originally Posted by Mystique's Leg View Post
Let's hope we'll get something creative or just give her the strength and flight abilities already!
I'm not holding my breath, but the use of Rogue is what could make or break the movie for me. I don't even mind if Rogue is barely in the movie, as long as during the future she has the flight and strength... No explanation. She just starts wrecking Sentinels, and she's shown to be integral to the team in battle... Then explanations can come later in future X-movies.

I don't think its likely, but I think its possible... It seems like a Singer move, and something he'd do! Also, DOFP is such a massive opportunity to showcase future Rogue, everyone else's powers are pretty much already established and wont be that different in the future scenes.

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