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Default Re: Which Female Character do u think will get the most Epic #ActionMoment?

Originally Posted by xrs13 View Post
she could take storms whilst she is dying... flight and badass powers. I kid :P.
It's doubtful she'll be around yet when and if Storm dies. There's no proof the two ever filmed together. I don't think Rogue will have flight or super strength as I don't think she'll have access to those kinds of powers.

It doesn't mean she can't use other powers to have an action scene. After four movies it's time for her to fight and if she doesn't then it's a joke. Anna wants her to, the audience do and the character is part of a war so would fight or it's not very realistic. Especially as she is escaping from somewhere in the trailer. Most likely mutant prison. That is going to need force. I am expecting her to have a fight scene, I'll be honest.

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