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Default Re: Best CBM "Couple"

1. Iron Man and Pepper Potts: A well adjusted and believable relationship.

2. Batman and Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises): Just so satisfying to see happen.

3. Batman and Catwoman (Batman Returns): So tragically well realized with, again, believable chemistry and outcome

4. Peter Parker and Mary Jane: Complain about the portrayal but the chemistry in the first film was electric and helped make the second film one of the best superhero movies ever. Plus the upside down kiss is iconic.

5. Superman and Lois Lane (Donner films): Magical, even if, again, some of the casting is questionable.

6. Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy: Garfield and Stone have great chemistry, even if their roles are poorly written and defined.

7. Bruce Banner and Betty (Hulk 2003): Unlike the following attempts, it felt like a real couple who loved each other but couldn't get past their baggage. Actually, it was surprisingly adult for the genre.

8. Scott and Ramona

9. V and Evey

The rest are pretty trite and forgettable.

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