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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 5

Originally Posted by redhawk23 View Post
Is Simon Pegg really surprise that people that have actually seen and enjoy the Wrath of Kahn dislike a movie whose climax relies on aping the climax of that film beat for beat but without the context that made it work? Really? He's shocked by this? I mean, it is certainly silly to call it the worst, the lack of effort that went into the effects in Star Trek 5 as well as the general shoddiness of that film easily makes it the worst but that doesn't change the fact that STID is pretty damn mediorcre in several respects. I agree with him that a lot of effort from very talented people went into the newest film, which only exacerbates my disappointment with the entire second of half of the movie. The 3rd act in particular is very similar to a gag from Pegg's own Spaced, which often played on the beats of other movies and shows as source of humor, except in this case it was self parody and I was literally laughing by the time of Spock's outburst.

Also, Star Trek fans don't like when Star Trek is popular? Really? TNG was the highest rated syndicated show for years, during its first run and after.
Actually, I bet he's more shocked people completely missed the context of the reversed situation. Instead of blindly *****ing that the film "apes" the end of Wrath. Scenes are very much the same, the context and meaning is completely different.

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