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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 5

The role reversal simply exacerbates the problems in recycling the earlier film's ending as trying to map the actions of the earlier iterations of Spock and Kirk onto Kirk and Spock simply doesn't jive. It makes what is supposed to be an emotional moment unintentionally humorous. Not to mention none of the actions hold any weight within the film as any negative repercussions are swept under the rug in about 9 minutes. It is true that Spock was eventually brought back from the dead, but that took place outside of the context of Wrath of Kahn, not to mention it required an entire story of further sacrifice to do so.

Even with the reversal they are still trading on the cultural cache of the earlier film and its famous moments.

I'm not blindly *****ing. I've made my thoughts on these scene well known and in detail in these threads before. I can drudge them up if you like.

I'm certainly not of the opinion that it is the worst Trek film though, not by a country mile. It has its moments, I just don't think much of the endgame.

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