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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by JP View Post
The animation isn't just terrible now. It was terrible for the 90's. Just cheap and lazy.

The voice acting wasn't that great either. It's what we grew up on and what most of us are used to, so we hold them to a higher standard, but they were all caricatures of their comic book selves, and the voice acting was well beyond over dramatic.
Not this. :
Originally Posted by Legion View Post
What is so bad about the animation and voice acting of X-Men the animated series? X-Men the animated series raised the bar for Saturday morning cartoons. Did you actually grow up and watch cartoons in the 90s? The only show that I could think of that might beat X-Men is Batman: The Animated Series.

As for being caricatures, have you read the old comics? There is some really cheesy dialogue in those older X-books. The dialogue and story telling was way better in the animated series.

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