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Default Re: Favorite Amazing Spider-Man Covers

Originally Posted by bugman View Post
first, spidey, may i compliment you on your nicholas hammond av? i'vealways loved nicholas' portrayal of the web-slinger, the most mature and adult to date. nicholas was my first spider-man.

always loved this cover to amazing 233, which i have signed by both jr and roger stern.

amazing 101 begs you to read it. READ ME, it seems to be saying.

nothing need be said about this one...

(i have this one signed by sr!)

great thread!
Yeah, I remember in '77 at the ripe age of 11 seeing that black and white pic of live-action Spidey in the tv guide advertising the pilot for that Wednesday night, I was so excited! They're pretty cheesy now but will always hold a special place in my heart.

And man! I forgot about #101! Actually probably a tie for second for me! Can't believe that one slipped past me! I have that one in a VF/NM condition. I as a HUGE fan of the '72 telefilm The Night Stalker and that front cover attracted me immediately as it looked like the same house from the movie! And I hated everything else Gil Kane illustrated except for Spidey!

Funny thing with me is I have a lot of autographs but I don't like them signing my comics. I know this adds value but I don't collect with the idea of making them as valuable as I can. I buy the highest grade of each issue I can find and try my best to keep in as pristine a condition as I can. I'm probably odd man out in that regard but I just like my comics blemish-free and that includes scarring them with signatures.

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