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Default Re: should batman appear in the MOS sequel?

Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
It just depends on what the film actally is. Is batman a supporting character in Superman's sequel, or is Superman fully sharing his sequel with Batman, and this would be the first Batman film in a new series as well as a second superman film.

I think I'd rather have the latter, I'm very protective of Batman when it comes to his portrayal in the justice league or with Superman, it's just as easy to make him come across as overpowered (Grant Morisson's JLA) or have him seem like a complete joke (Anything Geoff Johns), and while I understand any need or disappointment to have a proper Man of Steel sequel, I also understand their need to shake things up and give us a film many of us have been waiting for.

It's already working, you look at any news outlet and the Batman/Superman film is the top story coming out of comic con, that's the sort of buzz that DC has needed in a heavy comic con that has top level Marvel sequels up the wazoo.
I think Batman works with Superman the way Joker works with Batman. No matter what, he'll steal the other's thunder. I don't like the idea of mixing both for both a Superman sequel or Batman's first movie in a new series.

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