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Default Re: William Fitchner IS The Shredder

The more I'm seeing about the movie information, the more I'm starting to wonder....

Is Fichtner REALLY playing Shredder? When asked if his character was Japanese, Fichtner kind of hesitated and said he thought it would be better to see how things unfold in the movie.

Could they actually be setting us up with a proxy Shredder who is defeated at the end and sets the stage for Oroku Saki to come to New York himself in a sequel? Sort of how Ken Watanabe was billed as Nolan's Rhas al Ghul only for Liam Neeson to actually be the real Rhas?

So much info seems to be giving honorable nods to the comics, cartoon, and past movies while still setting up its own direction, I just can't help but wonder if Fichtner isn't really playing THE Shredder we're thinking of.

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