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Default The Batman Reboot JOKER Casting Thread

Hey guys. We all know that Warner Bros. is inevitably going to want to have the Joker in one of the future Batman solo movies, if not alluded to in the Batman/Superman movie, due to the immense success of the character in TDK and the critical success of Heath Ledger's mesmerising and psychotic portrayal.

Chris Nolan claimed on more than once occasion that his one and only choice for the role of The Joker was Heath Ledger, but actor Adrien Brody also said that he was spoken to about the possibility of playing the clown prince of crime.

According to wiki, Steve Carrell, Paul Bettany and Robin Williams also publicly expressed interesting in playing the character prior to Heath's casting in The Dark Knight.

My question is:

Who do you want to play the next incarnation of THE JOKER?

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