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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Your right.Plus it got people who didn't knew comics well think Bishop Is consently time traveling.

If you go back and watch It magneto was hardly a villain.except ofr his first 2
episodes in seasons 1,working with apocalypse in 4 part beyond good and evil
during season 4 and series finale.

When you go back and watch some of it haven't aged well.
It was an adaption. Bishop was among the many guest appearances. Since he wasn't going to join the main roster it better served the story to have him return back to his time.

X-Men was never a series where the heros would fight villain "X" every episode. Go back through your back issues and see how many times the X-Men actually fought Magneto between the Phoenix Saga and the debut of X-Men the animated series. The number is going to be pretty low.

If you look at Mr. Sinister he really only appeared in Inferno prior to the animated series. Apocalypse: his first appearance, the 4 horseman, and then the story line where he kidnaps nathan christopher. Apocalypse didn't even encountered the "X-Men" before the animated series. Yet if you were to ask around I bet many people would say that Apocalypse is their favorite X-Men villain and they probably don't even read comics let alone the original X-Factor run.

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