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Default Re: Let The Hero Lose.

Originally Posted by the last son View Post
For once I'm waiting for the hero to lose. I like shaking things up. I like writing epics and doing things at a slow pace, I think it would be brilliant to do, especially since we usually get trilogies in these series anyways. It would be unique to have the hero fighting a threat that is so strong and to just have them battle through all their blood, sweat, and tears. One where if he/she loses at the end the audience wouldn't say "wow, what was the point of that" or "some hero they were" but instead say I can't wait for the next movie and this hero gave their all. Now, I'm not saying they have to die at the end but look close to certain death or just simply lose the battle, be at the mercy of the villain. Have people wonder how will the hero come back to win and leave the movie like that. Not every movie has to be tied with a bow at the end and the hero smiling. I think it would be a great idea and the audience would appreciate something different. Now tell me, who's with me?
I'm not so sure the audience wouldn't be saying that. Very likely they would be.

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