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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

I don't know if it is being re-released in other countries or in other chains outside of the Regal "America's favorites" program so I am hesitant to make any bold predictions like 800 million, but it sure would be nice just to get across the 300 mil mark. Right now the local Imax is not listing what it is showing this weekend, so it doesn't look like it has really commited to giving Mortal Bones another week, so there might be a chance of MoS popping up on more screens than the ones listed as part of the Regal re-release.

On thing to keep in mind is that the America's Favorites does seem to be a mid priced ticket (6-7 dollars), so they might not have the confidence to put it back on full price Imax screens.

Anyway, it should certanly provide a solid boost especially with all the buzz (+ and-) about the sequel the last couple of weeks. It might just be enough for the people who didn't go see it to say "hey it sounds like they have big plans...I better check it out...."

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