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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Originally Posted by Master Caster View Post
People keep suggesting that Tony Stark developed 'vibranium' as the new element in IM2. I still argue that the new element was in fact the same power that the Tesseract (Cosmic Cube) generates. Vibranium is a mineral. How would it power Iron Man's armor? That never made sense to me. Now with Howard Stark finding the Cube in CA:TFA I am even more convinced that he spent time studying the power of the Cube but didn't have the knowledge and the tech to fully exploit it. So he films the message for his young son Tony to discover when he is older (as seen in IM2) and Tony figures out how to properly harness the same energy source that the Red Skull and Armin Zola used to power their weapons in CA:TFA.

I also think the Skull never really fully understood the capabitlies of the Cosmic Cube. He never actually held it in his hand until the showdown inside the cockpit of the Valkyrie bomber. Once he did he saw that the Cube was far more than a mere energy source. Heres hoping he returns in future movies in a major way.
Originally Posted by captainrogers View Post
I'm still of the mind that vibranium and the element Tony creates in Ironman2 are two different things.
What Tony recreates, I think, is what blew up in Howard's face in the "write that down" scene in CA:TFA.
This is what I was thinking

In IM2, when Tony starts playing the film left by his father, he is browsing Howard's notebook, and we can see 2 pages about the Cube.

Plus, Howard does mention he didnt have the technology to complete his research back in the day, so you can tell he was trying to get out something out of the Cube .... Plus in CA 1, as he was analyzing the Hydra energy sample, he said it didn't have Alpha or Beta (or something like that, lol) signatures (and in Avengers we learn it emits a Gamma signature).

And in Avengers, look at Tony's face when he is "holding" the holographic image of the cube (as Coulson and Pepper are leaving Stark Tower)

Originally Posted by Rage View Post
The harnessed power of the cosmic cube? That is not an element... and I believe Tony was creating a "new" element.
nope; Tony specified "re-discovering"

The technolgy his father didnt have access to allowed him to synthetize it

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