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Default Re: *Update* Your Rating for TASM

Seen it about 4 times on blu-ray now, never saw it in a theater, fearing a useless sucky reboot.

I give this a solid 9, like I did with The Wolverine.

TASM just had me. I can't compliment the casting enough. I like Garfield, I love Stone (for once Spider-man's love interest isn't a damsel in distress or a useless idiot with trivial problems), I like Ifans and I absolutely love Sheen and Field. Martin Sheen and Sally Field were amazing. You could sense the warmth, the love. I was teary-eyed like a girl in the end when Peter comes home and Sally Field releases a buttload of emotion without a single spoken word. I was never this moved by a Spider-man movie.

Yes, I also loved the music, the action, the web slingers, how the movie handled "SM's identity and does anyone get to know about it" - subplot. Very pleased that I didn't feel, not even once, that I was being forced to care about something I don't after three previous movies.

I still think Spider-Man 2 is pretty close with this, these are the best Spider-man movies for me. No challengers.

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