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Default Re: The Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Merchandise

Originally Posted by Donut View Post
It's not Disney's job to advertise a rival studios movie. If FOX really wanted the merchandising rights. They would bargain for it & perhaps trading rights for the merchandising one. The fact that they have not is curious in itself

I can't see Disney ever selling off the merchandising rights to the X-Men. If they come to that point, they might as well sell off everything X-Men, including animation and publication rights, to FOX. But Disney was able to reach a deal with Sony regarding Spider-man movie merchandise, so they may be open to reaching a similar deal with FOX, especially if it includes reversion of the FF film rights.

I don't believe Disney is being vindictive or spiteful in regards to their treatment of the X-Men. If you look at the difference between Iron Man and Wolverine merchandise, it's just good business:

If Disney allows a licensee to put a $20 Iron Man 3 shirt on sale, the studio...

A) Receives a full licensing fee (let's say 10%) of $2.
B) Increases visibility for its billion dollar Iron Man and Avengers film franchises.
C) Improves public awareness of one of the studio's most valuable characters.

Compare that to Disney allowing a licensee to put a $20 The Wolverine shirt on sale, the studio...

A) Receives a partial licensing fee (let's assume a 60%/40% split) of $1.20.
B) Increases visibility for a film franchise held almost in its entirety by FOX and decreases the possibility that the film rights will ever revert.
C) Improve public awareness of one of a rival studio's most valuable characters.

There's definitely room for a deal to be made, and hopefully the studios will reach an agreement that will allow both the FOX X-Men franchise and the MCU to thrive going forward.

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