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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Originally Posted by droidwarrior
I'd like to see Rhodey take over as Iron Man.
Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
Never going to happen.

First, its a dumb idea, he's already his own superhero, why hell does he need to take over for another?

Second, Marvel isn't dumb enough to replace their top cash cow with a second rate knock off.
I have to agree with dw on this one (tho, it may never happen again lol!!) For one Don Cheadle can carry his own movie. He has a impressive resume. Two there was a time in the comics that He took over for Iron Man. Tony was still involved in the back ground. They can do this in the MCU also. Though I do realize that the Falcon, Black Panther and War Machine/IM/Rhodey may exceed the Toomanyblackmeninonemovie quota or we have to get Spike Lee to direct it hollywood clause..

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