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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by JKKS085 View Post
10 more millions with 1,000 theaters in a week ? That's a weekly average of $10,000 per theater similar to how MoS performed during it's 3rd week of release. That's just not gonna happen.

When Avengers reexpanded to 1,705 theaters in September 2012 its weekly average was $1,630 per theater.
When TDK reexpanded to 344 theaters in january 2009 its weekly average was $2,516 per theater.

You really think that MoS can make 4 to 6 time more money than those smashing hits ?
I said a week or so. Could be two weeks. We'll see, I never claimed it was a certainty.

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