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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
When RDJ leaves, they'll recast for another Tony Stark.

No its never going to happen, Cheadle may be able to carry his own movie but its laughable to think Marvel is going to let Rhodey star and replace their top earning character in a $200 million production. Never gonna happen. They'll recast Tony Stark a milliom times before Rhodey is named the new Iron Man.

This isn't Ghost Rider where nobody will notice if Ketch takes over as the new GR.
Look, what I'm saying (and droidwarrior) is RDJ has signed on to A2 and A3 but just because he's signed on he doesn't have to be in the suit. So recasting RDJ isn't the issue at this point. But I would like James Rhodes to have a more active role in the IM or WM Suit. And it would make sense if they were thinking of a IM4. It would be easier to transition to Cheadle if the they had 2 movies to do it though but IMO I think IM3 is the last solo IM movie to be made.

Edit: And to add the final point in IM3 is that Stark Is IRON MAN and not the Suit

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